The Red Shoes Podcast

Welcome to my brand new podcast!

When I first started The Red Shoes, I wanted to express some of what I was thinking, feeling and learning.  I very quickly realised that blogging was only part of it – there are so many wonderful people who have come into my life and conversations I want to share, and so the idea for The Red Shoes Podcast was born.

The first episode was been a long time in the making, and really a labour of love.  There’s so much more to come, and I’m really excited about what we’re going to create together.

Join me here (usually monthly) as we share conversations, stories, ideas and experiences about what it means to live a passionate, whole-hearted life.

And of course, if you enjoy listening, please share with your family, friends, loved ones, strangers … anyone you think might also enjoy or gain benefit.  And you can get in touch here too.

Remember: Life’s too short …wear the red shoes

Emma x

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