The Red Shoes Podcast + iTunes = ❤️

It’s now six months since I launched the first episode of The Red Shoes Podcast: a collection of whole-hearted conversations about mind-matters, body-matters and soul-matters. Because they do 🙂

As Osher Günsberg says, podcasts are free to listen to but not free to make, so it’s truly been a labour of love.  Imagine my excitement this week when I received this news:

❤️ My little love project The Red Shoes Podcast is now available on iTunes!  ❤️

Yippee, yahoo, wahey!  iTunes helps people discover, listen and share podcasts they are loving, so to be included on the iTunes Store is awesome.


How do I listen to the podcast?

If you’ve been asking me how to listen or subscribe to the podcast, iTunes makes this super easy.  Just click here or on the link below (it will open iTunes for you) and you can either choose to download an episode that interests you, or hit “SUBSCRIBE” and you will automatically get the latest episodes sent straight to your phone/tablet/computer.

See? Easy.

So now I need your help. 😊

iTunes responds best to people downloading, subscribing to, but most especially REVIEWING my podcast on their site. This helps the podcast to become more visible to more people.  If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a positive review on iTunes, and help other like-minded souls discover the program.


What if I don’t use iTunes?

There are lots of other ways to listen to the podcast – you can listen right here on the blog (just click on this Episode Guide, choose an ep that interests you and hit play) – or through these other awesome podcast providers:




Thanks for your support.

Life’s too short … wear the red shoes,



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