Shoespo • SJP Lady Pump

Welcome to your Monday Shoespo!

The SJP Collection from Sarah Jessica Parker has been on my wishlist almost as long as wanting to live in NYC or visit the Northern Lights.  One of the top contenders for my first purchase is the divine “Lady” Pump:

Sarah Jessica writes:

This shoe is polite and old-fashioned.  Crazy for this shoe!! I wouldn’t call it red.  I’d call it geranium.  It’s the most perfect red and actually, magically seems to bounce light, rather than absorb it.  As thought it’s lit from inside.  And I just love the grosgrain down the back.  The contrast on this shoe really makes its point and has a sort of refined beauty.  And so she is a Lady.

Complete agree, SJP.

Life’s too short… wear the red shoes



PS. Have you spotted a divine pair of red shoes that have captured your imagination?  Please share in the comments below!



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