Shoespo • Koalabi Classic

Welcome to your Monday Shoespo!

There comes a moment when we simply have to stop walking, running, moving, trying so hard to get where we think we need to be … and just rest.

In Australia, the humble UGG boot is a rite of passage.  Unfortunately some capitalist in the US has now taken the name, but we all know what they are.  These boot/slippers that surround your feet in a pillow of warmth, softness and cosiness, easing the stresses of the day and remembering how it feels to come home.  And try as you might to resist the urge to wear them outside the house (they’re SLIPPERS!), sometimes they just feel too good to take off.

Excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable.

Life’s too short … wear the red shoes,


PS. Have you spotted a divine pair of red shoes that have captured your imagination?  Please share in the comments below!

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