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Welcome to your Monday Shoespo!

Year: 2005

Movie: Dukes of Hazzard

Scene: Jessica Simpson, playing Daisy Duke, wearing daisy dukes, steps out of her car and struts towards the camera in slow motion.  These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ starts playing in the background.

Jessica Simpson now has a hugely successful shoe line, and the Caralee boots are Jessica’s homage to this role.

I bought them as I was approaching the one-year mark following my cancer diagnosis.  Despite having finished official treatment 9 months prior, the 12-month mark is considered the benchmark to see if the treatment has been successful.

In fact, this week marks one year on from this moment… so my one-year anniversary from my one-year anniversary?

It was an arduous few weeks.  I had to undergo blood tests, ultrasounds and a repeated dose of radiation (at a much lower level than the first time) to see if there’s any cancer remaining in my body.  I had a substance injected to dramatically change thyroid hormones in my body (some of which are kept suppressed following thyroid cancer), to reveal any possible underlying cancer.  These shots completely drained me of energy, clouded my thinking, made me nauseous and achy all over (still better than the alternative, though).  Two days after the shots, I go back into hospital to receive another dose of radioactive iodine (much lower than the original radiation treatment, but still administered from behind a lead-lined panel), then quickly sent out through the exit.  48 hours later, I return for a whole body scan, which reveals where the iodine has gone in my body.  Anywhere that shows up outside of the expected area = cancer returned.

So it’s a tough and stressful time.  I was determined to draw on every ounce of strength I could muster, and these boots became my talisman – and a magnet for compliments. 🙂

The day I left hospital with mum, having just received the news that my scan was all clear, these boots were made for struttin’:

(I know the big pink chunky cardigan clashes, but 1. it was really cold in there, fear making it even more so, 2. that moment was about finding comfort in whatever way I could, and 3. who gives a f*ck?).

Life’s too short … wear the red shoes,


PS. Have you spotted a divine pair of red shoes that have captured your imagination?  Please share in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Shoespo • Jessica Simpson Caralee

  1. Love this post Emma. Strut right the f out of that hospital. Away from the lead panel! It amazes me how you’ve kept on & kept on mustering more will, more courage.
    Bet it feel great wearing those boots! Ax

    1. Thank you lovely. I’ll have to post a pic of the lead panel, it was so surreal I had to snap a quick pic. The boots give a swagger that cannot be created any other way! xx

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