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Welcome to your Monday Shoespo!

When I bought my first pair of red shoes, I felt so grown up.  I was 18 years old, in Paris, and managed to conduct the entire transaction in what I believed to be fluent French but was probably glaringly Frenglish to anyone around me.  They were red leather Mary Janes, with a sweet little ankle strap and a small 1-inch heel.

I loved them.

The first time (and every other time) I wore them, at least one stranger would come up to me and ask where Toto was.  But I didn’t care.  To me, they weren’t my Dorothy shoes, they were my independence shoes, and when I wore them, I felt bold, vibrant and free.

Of course, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers are iconic and need no introuduction.  But you, there’s this theory about The Wizard of Oz: that Dorothy doesn’t really go anywhere; she falls asleep, dreaming of a terrible tornado, good and bad witches, munchkins and Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man.  The theory goes that it’s all a metaphor; she’s searching for a long time to find this magical Emerald City to meet this lauded man who has the power to help return her home.  And when it’s revealed that the Wizard is made of smoke and mirrors, Glinda reminds Dorothy that she herself has the power to return home, with three clicks of the heels of her ruby slippers.  So home becomes a symbol for finding our own centre, our own “home” within ourselves.

Who knows if this is what Frank L. Baum actually had in mind, but there’s something to be said for remembering our own innate power and strength.  And when we team this with brains (Scarecrow), heart (Tin Man) and courage (Lion), why then, somewhere over the rainbow might be closer than we know.


There’s no place like home.

Life’s too short … wear the red shoes


Have you spotted a divine pair of red shoes that have captured your imagination?  Please share in the comments below!


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