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Welcome to your Monday Shoespo!

There’s no better fashion accessory than a great pair of ballet flats.  Petite, stylish, practical and a touch of Audrey Hepburn about them.

But not all ballet flats are created equal.  There are ballet flats and then there are ballet flats.

My instep can attest to this.  Because we think of ballet flats as being so demure, feminine and easy, so often shoemakers get away with really cheap fabrications: I’m talking wafer thin soles, synthetic sweaty textiles, and no arch support whatsoever.

Now, I’ve put my feet through the wringer when it comes to choosing shoes: too big, too small, too hard, too high (in fact so high I once lost feeling in my toe for 2 months), too sweaty, too heavy, too tight, too loose… but whenever I think of comfort, I immediately reach for my ballets.  Walking, travelling, running errands… you can’t go past ballet flats.

And Django & Juliette are the Goldilocks of ballet flats.

Django & Juliette Belin Red Suede. Pic: Styletread


The Australian designers from Django & Juliette release new styles every season; new colours, different textures, but always with the most amazing cushion-y comfort, elasticated edge, and flexible, 4WD-like sole.

D&J ballet flats are the workhorses of my shoe collection!

Life’s too short … wear the red shoes,


PS. Have you spotted a divine pair of red shoes that have captured your imagination?  Please share in the comments below!


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