Podcast Ep 6 • Brett Robin Wood

Today’s episode of The Red Shoes Podcast is brought to you by the letter: C.

Creativity. Curiosity.  Compassion.  Courage.  Communication.  Collaboration.  Community.

This month, we are all about creativity at The Red Shoes.  It’s easy to think “Oh, I’m not creative”, but we are in a creative relationship with the world around us each and every day.  Beyond the worlds of visual arts, music, writing or performance, we also have the power to experience and respond to our environment, other people and ourselves in new and innovative ways.  Creativity can reach into the ways we might relate to a loved one, experience the morning commute, or in those silent moments we spend with ourselves alone.  But how do we connect with this creativity, how do we find it, and how do we cultivate a relationship with it?

Brett Robin Wood (www.brettrobinwood.com) is an actor, improviser, singer/songwriter, creative facilitator and founding director of Creative Wisdom, an organisation helping businesses to thrive.  Brett’s approach to creativity is full of paradoxes, curiosity and imagination – and our conversation at times felt a little like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole – in wonderful, delightful, surprising ways!

Brett and I first met back when I was at Drama School; he taught a class called “Creative State”. It was here that I was introduced to developing a relationship with creativity, and exploring how this relationship can inform not just an artistic life – such as that of an actor – but also our everyday lives, what we choose to focus on, and how we show up in the world.  Some of these experiences and lessons I still carry with me today, not only when I step into a rehearsal room or TV studio, but also when I want to approach an aspect of my life from a new angle.

If you’re an artist or performer, I certainly hope you’ll get a lot out of this conversation, but equally if you’re curious about engaging with your creative spirit and how creativity might enrich your experience of life, this is definitely a conversation for you.  Come down the rabbit hole with us!

Life’s too short… wear the red shoes,


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