Podcast Ep 5 • Monique Luttin

To continue celebrating our month of Women of Wisdom, my very special guest on today’s podcast is Monique Luttin.

Monique and I attended high school together, but when we graduated we headed in our different directions, as most classmates do.

I had no idea that years later, our paths would cross again in the most extraordinary way.  Just days after my cancer diagnosis, I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room when I received a message from Monique that brought me to tears.

Monique’s story is one of cancer, love, loss and new beginnings.

I think I’ve come to terms with the idea that I could live a short and wonderful life, or a long and wonderful life.  And you know, both of those are pretty wonderful lives.

~ Monique Luttin

Today, you’ll hear the moment we speak for the first time in decades, and yes, some tears were shed.



I hope you enjoy this really special episode and will be as inspired by Monique’s honesty, strength and wisdom as I was.

Life’s too short… wear the red shoes,


Pirate  •  Big Block Singsong
This Place Is a Shelter  •  David Ummmo  •  www.ummmo.com
Für Alina  •  Arvo Pärt
Gold  •  Once, Original Broadway Cast
Absence of Fear  •  Jewel
Dog Days Are Over  •  Florence + The Machine
Theme Music  •  Joel Thomas Hunger


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