Podcast Ep 4 • Dr Natasha Andreadis

Dr Natasha Andreadis’ gig is helping people make babies.

As a gynaecologist and fertility specialist (plus newly-minted electric guitar player), Natasha’s eclectic approach to life and health is really interesting.  She made a brief cameo in my last podcast episode, and after recording such a rich and varied conversation with her, I felt it was doing an injustice to have try to distill that down into just a few minutes, and seeing as we’re celebrating Women of Wisdom this month, it seems very timely to share the rest of our conversation with you now.

I was first drawn to Natasha’s work because of one sentence I read on her website (www.drandreadis.com.au):

Women know their bodies better than anyone else, and it is this respect for the patient that sets us apart.

~ Dr Natasha Andreadis

I believe this respect is exactly what needs to be present in every doctor/patient interaction.

What I really connect to in Natasha is her commitment to listening to her patients and their experiences, then approaching their health from a holistic mindset.  While her work often incorporates the fields of epigenetics, in vitro fertilisation and traditional gynaecology, she’s also open to incorporating modalities such as traditional chinese medicine, nutrition and meditation.

Back in December, we got creative and shared the microphone: Natasha interviewing me for her YouTube channel Dr Tash TV, and then a few weeks later, recorded The Red Shoes Podcast.

In today’s episode, Natasha and I delve into the mysteries of female health and explore the links between sugar, stress, relationships, creativity, hormones, work and intuition and their effect on our wellness.

No topic is off limits!  (including the crash course I’m given on the varied uses of vaginal dilators… don’t say you weren’t warned!).


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