Dr Natasha Andreadis • The Body: An Intuitive Machine

At the end of last year, I caught up with Dr Natasha Andreadis: an integrative fertility specialist, gyaecologist and health coach practising here in Sydney, Australia.

She’s such an interesting person: special skills include helping to make babies. (She also rocks the electric guitar)

But what I really connect to in Natasha is her commitment to listening to her patients and their experiences, then approaching their health from a holistic mindset.  While her work often incorporates the fields of epigenetics, in vitro fertilisation and traditional gynaecology, she’s also open to incorporating modalities such as traditional chinese medicine, nutrition and meditation.

And luckily for me, she’s also very passionate about women knowing and understanding their own bodies, which as you probably know is right up my alley!

So we got creative and shared the microphone: Natasha interviewing me for her YouTube channel Dr Tash TV, and me interviewing her for Episode 3 of The Red Shoes Podcast.

Such full, rich conversations about health, intuition and overcoming adversity.

Check out our episode of Dr Tash TV below – also make sure you check out Tash’s amazing Wonder Woman-inspired bracelet… seriously coveting it. 😉

PS. We mention a couple of great resources in the video that may be helpful if you are facing surgery, health or fertility challenges: I’ve included links below (just under the video).

Life’s too short … wear the red shoes



All is Well    Louise L. Hay & Dr Mona Lisa Schulz    http://hayhouse.com.au/all-is-well-4

Dr Christiane Northrup  •  Women’s Health Expert    http://www.drnorthrup.com

Belleruth Naparstek   Health Journeys Guided Meditations    http://www.healthjourneys.com


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